Candy Making Supplies

Create wonderful creations with our supplies find everything you need to create special moments with the family

Only the Best

We offer the finest ingredients to ensure the best candy.

Make It Perfect

We have everything you need to make the perfect treat and give it that finishing touch


Choose a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors to accent your creations.

Chocolate Wafers

Baking Supplies

Whether you need a 3D cake pan or just a few utensils for your kitchen, Cakes by Nadine has it all. Stop in and see our great selection of baking supplies.

3D Cake Pans

Make one of your own 3D cakes with one of our unique pans.

Unique Decor

We have unique cutters and decorations to make amazing cakes like you have never seen.

Delicious Ingredients

Don’t forget to look at all of our great fillings, icings, and other ingredients!